The Irish Dentistry Awards is Ireland’s most prestigious dental awards ceremony. This year, the well anticipated event will be held in Dublin and is expected to accumulate a great deal of interest. Each finalist has been carefully selected by a high esteemed team of judges who will reveal the winners at the ceremony on 29th January 2016.

Docklands Dental has been nominated for not just one, but five different awards under various categories including Best Treatment of Nervous Patients. So, let’s put Docklands Dental under the microscope and take a closer look as to why our practice is worthy of such an honour.

What makes us Different?

SQUAERWhilst many practices claim to accommodate anxious and nervous patients, Docklands Dental understands and sympathises with such patients and strives to make each one of their experiences as comfortable as possible. Dental anxiety is extremely common and whilst this may act as a source of relief for some, we understand that each patient is unique which is why we strive to provide nervous patients with the best course of treatment at a pace and manner in which they are comfortable and happy with.

Our fully trained team are encouraged to show empathy to apprehensive patients in order to help them feel as comfortable and as safe as possible. For those who wish to discuss their anxieties openly to a member of staff can do so in a private consultation area which will help them to relax and be more at ease with their experience here.

Docklands Dental don’t just welcome patients to our clinic, we go above and beyond to ensure that nervous patients have as much of a stress-free and peaceful experience as possible.

We offer a range of therapies and treatments to help us better accommodate nervous patients which include:

  1. Private confidential consultation facilities. Take as much time as you need to prepare for your treatment, discuss any concerns that you may have with our qualified staff and do so in an area free of any clinical instruments.docklands-dental-dublin-gallery-img-3
  2. Interactive entertainment that allows you to get lost in your favourite TV shows or movies which will help to take your mind off the procedure. Enjoy the fantastic views straight from a state of the art 42-inch Smart TV installed on the ceiling – the dentist chair has never been more inviting!
  3. Specialised chair side manner – put your feet up, relax and take as much time as you need. We invest time, patience and empathy to ensure that our patients have a pleasant experience.
  4. Intra-Oral injections are less uncomfortable thanks to Dental Vibe (a small hand held aid).
  5. IV Sedation – you’re in qualified hands as two of our operators are fully trained in IV Sedation after completing an 18-month post grad qualification in the area.
  6. General anaesthetic is available for patients with extreme dental phobia or to those receiving more advanced or difficult procedures.

Silence is not the Answer
docklands-dental-dublin-gallery-img-10When a patient enters our practice, they are immediately welcomed into a comfortable and versatile environment. There is plenty of breathing space in this large open area which will hopefully make uneasy patients feel more relaxed and confident about their visit. Many patients are silent with regards to their dental fears, however, we encourage our patients to communicate with us about these anxieties so that we can better cater for their individual needs.

Each member of staff at Docklands Dental invests in each patient’s health and wellbeing. There is never any rush and if you need a minute of two to compose yourself or discuss matters further, we provide that time without any questions.

Our specialised approach to this matter has better equipped us to accommodate nervous and anxious patients. The Irish Dentistry Awards 2016 has recognised our achievements in this area and because this is a matter close to our hearts, Docklands Dental is both grateful and delighted to be shortlisted for the Best Practice for Nervous Patients Award 2016.

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