Docklands Dental is an accredited VHI Dental Direct Pay Provider. As a VHI customer, you can visit us and we can sort all the hassle of you insurance claim.

VHI dental Insurance

Registred Clinic with VHI Dental Insurance


If you are a VHI Dental Policy holder and would like to use the option to Direct Pay, then please follow the below steps.

Step 1 – On making your appointment,  just call VHI Dental on 046 9077337 or email to tell them you will be attending our clinic. We are a registered provider on the  VHI Dental Insurance plan.

Step 2 – You will be contacted by VHI to confirm your cover and they will provide us with an email stating your benefits

Step 3 – After the confirmation of your cover, we can proceed with your comprehensive exam, any clinical x-rays and hygienist visit without any cost to you.

Step 4 – Should any further treatment be required and if you are happy to proceed, we will forward a copy of your treatment plan to the VHI. They will then email us with the level of benefit attached to each treatment. This copy will also be sent to you.

Step 5 – Once your treatment is complete, all you will have to do is pay the balance and the majority of the costs will be paid directly by the VHI to our clinic. You will have to sign the forms and we will take care of the rest!

VHI Dental Insurance

VHI Dental

Some Important Information-

Should you not be pre-approved for your benefits or wish to start any treatment immediately, don’t worry this is still possible with your dental insurance.  You can pay and fees due from your visit on the day and we will  complete a ‘Pay and Claim’ form with your details of treatment. This can then be submitted to the VHI and they will pay you directly with the benefit amounts from your coverage.

Unfortunately, due to VHI policy, without confirmation of cover prior to your appointment you cannot utilise ‘VHI Direct Pay’.

Its important to remember that you will need to ask VHI to send a separate authorisation for every member of your plan and for separate visits.

Please note that your insurance contract exists between the policy holder and the VHI. We are not party to that contract and we will use the proposed benefits per treatment as an indication for your direct pay amounts. Should your plan benefits change, cover be withdrawn or ceased, the full liability for cost of the treatment will be with the individual member.


VHI Direct Pay

VHI Dental Direct Pay

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