Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your implant restored and fitted in just one day? With CEREC technology from Docklands Dental, you can have your implant restored during a single visit to our Dublin dentist. Before CEREC, this was otherwise unheard of. In the past, patients would have to make multiple appointments for a single implant restoration. In some cases, the entire process spanned a series of weeks or even months! Sounds exhausting, right?

cerec-dentistry-img-1Thankfully, with our Ceramic Re-Construction (CEREC) system, you can be in and out with your new restoration in no time. This special system incorporates a CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit with a chair-side 3D Acquisition Centre. Its main purpose is to create aesthetically pleasing and high quality ceramic and porcelain restorations. If you’re worried about chomping down on a tough piece of food with your new restoration, don’t be. Each restoration produced is durable and precise, providing a perfect fit for your mouth and allowing you to continue to enjoy your favourite foods without any limits.

Why Should I Choose CEREC?

Now that you know a little more about CEREC, you’re probably wondering what else it can do for you. Why choose this new system over an old one? Can you really trust it to provide high quality results? What sets it apart from previous restoration methods?

Below we have included some of the best benefits of CEREC:

  • Fast and effective treatment enables patients to be fitted with porcelain crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers, bridges or implant retained crowns during a single visit to Docklands Dental, Dublin’s number one dentist.young-woman-visiting-the-dentist_1098-1552
  • Nervous patients need not worry about having the experience drag out for weeks on end. Instead, you can receive your brand new crown and have the whole ordeal behind you in just one day.
  • Only one local anaesthetic is needed (however, many patients do not require any anaesthetic at all) – phew!
  • You can avoid unpleasant impressions in your mouth.
  • Temporary crowns are not required.
  • Patients will not require additional time off work – no need to book a second or third appointment!
  • CEREC hands control of production and design over to your dentist, creating highly aesthetic and durable porcelain restorations.
  • This advanced technology provides faster, safer and more comfortable treatment.
  • Real life-like results – nobody can tell you even have a crown.

How CEREC Works

3eWhen you walk through the doors of our Dublin dental clinic for CEREC treatment, you will notice a 3D scanning unit, a digital design unit and a unique restoration printing machine. Don’t worry, there is no need to feel intimidated. Each piece of machinery works together to ensure you receive the best crown possible, in terms of fit, design, quality, visual aesthetics and performance.

The procedure is quite relaxing as the dentist uses a 3D camera to scan your teeth. This scan is used by the Acquisition Centre computer to transform the pictures into a flawless 3D digital impression. Using the design application created by the software, the dentist is able to easily create a suitable restoration for your tooth.

The CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit (which sounds a lot more complicated than it is), will then create the final design. Specialised diamond burrs shape the ceramic block carefully to produce an intricate restoration that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. The restoration will fit perfectly in your mouth, since it has been specifically designed to coincide with your own natural dental characteristics.

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