To Patients, Staff and Families

We are all living through unprecedented times. There is a need for every person to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.

The advice to date, has been that social distancing, enhanced hygiene and isolation are going to be effective in hopefully limiting the surge of coronavirus cases and the potential overloading of an already stretched health service.

We cannot thank enough those working on the front lines in this crisis ( some of which are our immediate family members). They are under untold stress and look to our actions as demonstrations of support. We also have to thank our staff, many of whom are facing uncertainty over the next few months. They are constantly on our minds.

From May 18th, as part of Phase 1 , we reopened our clinic for routine dental services. We have made significant  changes to our operations to limit the risk of transmission for the coronavirus and improve the safety of our staff and patients :

  • Medical grade PPE ( proper protective clothing )
  • Hand hygiene stations and regular sterilisation checklists for all tactile surfaces
  • Pre-appointment checks for symptoms
  • Staff and patient temperature checks
  • Safety screens and social distancing
  • Aerosol management units and viral air cleaning with Air Dog Units in every surgery and reception area
  • Timetable management to reduce waiting times and bottlenecks at reception
  • Patient portal for online forms submissions to reduce time in reception areas
  • Enhanced cross-infection procedures for the entire clinic

We are a team that is used to dealing with infectious diseases as a routine and have been successful in managing these risk with best practice. This virus requires a new set of precautions that we have implemented on top of what we already do.

We will continue to work to make the environment in which we work and treat patients, friends and family as safe as we can make it. There is no quick solution to this problem, so we are working to be part of the solution.



Kind regards,
Gregg, Danny and the Docklands Team