White Fillings

Why would you want anything else!

Dental materials have advanced just like all other technology, so we want to make sure that we use the best materials, with the best science and put a filling into a tooth under the best conditions.

Filling materials are pretty amazing, imagine getting something that you can use everyday in nearly any way you want for years, and it gives you no trouble! iPhones, cars or even artificial knees don’t last like this! This is the experience for nearly everyone that gets a repair to a tooth using a filling. In engineering terms, that’s pretty incredible.

They do need to be looked after though, and like any repair, they have a lifespan. Over time a tooth is weaker with filling or the filling can begin to leak. This is like getting a leak in the roof of a house, it may not be a big issue at first, but it’s much easier to manage it proactively. So we check our fillings regularly and make sure they are still helping your tooth.

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