Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is more about teeth brightening! Everyone has a natural colour to their teeth and this is close to the biological limit for how bright a tooth will become with whitening. Over years of the good stuff, like coffee, tea, red wine etc, we know that teeth are able to absorb some of this staining!

It’s like having a favourite coffee cup that you drink out of for 10 years, even though you clean the cup, stains are able to permeate the material over time. Teeth work a lot like this! We always advise getting your teeth cleaned before a whitening treatment, but once they are clean, if you think that they used to be brighter, then whitening is an amazing treatment to reverse the staining that may have permeated the tooth.

Obviously, we would only whiten healthy teeth. We always whiten teeth using a home kit. Those blue lights are close to useless and what we really want is a really good result with limited sensitivity and to give you the ability to re-whiten your teeth for years to come.


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