Sedation Dentistry

It’s ok to struggle. Honestly, we get that accessing dental care can be stressful for some people. It can come from a bad experience, a lack of control or an innate level of fear. We know this isn’t easy.

Thankfully, we are good at this. We help nervous patients the whole time. The goal is not to tell you that you’re wrong to feel worried, but rather, develop tools to help you manage and build trust. We would love if going for routine care could be less stressful ( and maybe even enjoyable )

For the cases where undergoing care is too stressful and a barrier to getting healthy, then we have dentists who are trained in Sedation Dentistry. This is amazing if you need it. Sedation is done most commonly with a drug called Midazolam. It is given intravenously in a controlled and carefully monitored setting to ensure safety. It’s not the same a general anaesthetic which has to be done in a hospital setting. It allows you to ‘sleep’ through the experience of the dental appointment.

Like all treatments, it’s important that we do a careful assessment prior to the treatment to ensure suitability. Like we said, it’s not for everyone but to have as a tool if you need it, it’s an amazing help.

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