Root Canals

We completely understand, nobody wants this treatment, but we promise, that when you need it, it’s the greatest treatment in dentistry for a patient in pain. What we also want you to understand is that there is actually no pain with a root canal treatment! ( Despite what you may have heard! ) We understand though, that is something we have to prove to you, but thankfully that has been our experience over many years of doing this complicated treatment.

When we explain what a root canal treatment is to our patients, it’s important to understand that the tooth is a living thing! It can be bruised, swollen and even infected. Sometimes, it can struggle to recover from these and in many cases, you can become aware of this when a tooth starts to hurt ( but sometimes it may not hurt until much later when you have swelling, this is called a chronic abscess and it’s not nice ).

When we perform a root canal, we clean and sterilise a tooth, then we seal it back up to make sure there’s no space for an infection to start again inside the tooth. We love that this can give you a tooth you can use without pain for hopefully years to come. It’s important to protect the root canal after we do it though, so many times we use digital dentistry to custom made restoration to protect a tooth after a root canal. It’s like putting a roof on a house, it protects the structure underneath.

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