Dental Implants

We work with the best specialist dentists in Oral Surgery and Periodontics to place out dental implants. We only use implants from companies with long histories of success ( Zimmer Biomet ) and we only use the best prosthetic materials to create beautiful and functional teeth. We have a lot of success when it comes to dental implants. We have learned from the experience of others, that in this type of treatment, it’s important to get the best care possible.

Losing a tooth can be traumatic, losing the ability to chew can be life-changing. Dental implants are the closest thing we have to replacing the feel of an original tooth. A tooth can be attached to an artificial root that is placed expertly into the position of the original tooth.

What we love about dental implants, is that by having skilled specialists place and integrate the implants, getting a well-designed tooth ( or teeth ) placed over the implants and seeing a hygienist regularly to look after it all, dental implants can last for decades in a mouth. Yes, they are expensive and can take time to get right but if it’s something that gives you value for years to come, it’s important we take the time to get as close to perfect as we can.

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