Crowns / Inlays / Onlays

Sometimes a tooth is too weak for a filling to be a good idea, normally in the case where more than half the tooth is missing or in many cases where it’s had a treatment like a root canal. When we meet a tooth like this, we have an open chat about the strategy to try and make this a reliable tooth for the longest time possible.

How we do this has changed so much with Digital Dentistry. We use 3-D printers, digital scanners ( Primescan from Dentsplty Sirona ) and milling units ( Primemill from Denstsply Sirona ), along with a selection of every dental material imaginable, to create a custom made restoration that can go onto a tooth at the same appointment. No more waiting, no extra appointments, just amazing quality dental work to help a tooth.

We have even become so good at this, that we now help Dentsply Sirona as their only Key Opinion leaders (KOL) and trainers in Ireland. We really love this stuff. We also love how much better it makes treatment for our patients.

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