Cosmetic Bonding / Composite Veneers

This is a favourite treatment. We have been all around the world to work with the best dentists to make sure we are able to create amazing smiles.

Bonding or Composite Veneers have amazing qualities, they can be made look any shape, size or colour to create a custom smile for each patient once we understand the dynamics of what we are trying to achieve.

We go through a careful planning process for each patient to understand a design that will work and of course, we look at the health of the underlying teeth carefully as part of that process. Once we are sure we know what works, we hand craft a smile using layers of colours to match and follow the template of the smile.

The beauty of composite resin is that is can be adapted and shaped without changing the underlying tooth. That’s an amazing smile with no damage to the teeth, is there any more perfect treatment? The key to success is always in the planning, the skill or each dentist in crafting the material and the understanding of the impact of colour and shape. Thankfully we have some of the best dentists in Ireland and possibly, the world at doing this.


2 x Composite veneers / bonding to mask peg shaped laterals using Ivoclar Empress Composite


Digital smile design with orthodontic alignment with 2 x composite veneers/ bonding to correct peg shaped laterals

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