One in four of us suffer from an active fear of the dentist. This type of dental anxiety is usually triggered by a group of complex fears related to both dentists and their dental work. Dental anxiety is so common that it is known in the industry as dentophobia and is experienced in wavering degrees of severity. From an understandable feeling of dread, to a more severe case that results in the patient avoiding the dentist at all costs, dentophobia means different things to different people.

Fear of the dentist and pushing your need for a dental appointment to the furthest crevasses of your mind can be extremely detrimental to your oral hygiene. What started off as being the need for a quick and simple procedure, can quickly transition into a lengthy visit to correct the damage that ensued months or perhaps years of neglect.

But what causes these fears and how can you overcome them?

Common Causes of Dental Anxiety

There are many possible reasons as to why you might feel a little anxious about visiting the dreaded dental chair. The main cause lies in the root of another type of terror – the fear of pain. This is of course a natural instinct and avoiding pain is just part of being human. However, word of mouth, television, childhood experiences and other contributing factors may have led to false assumptions about the dentist built up inside the patients mind.

Dental-Fear-180x180Other causes of dental anxiety includes the fear of needles, numbness, dental drills, anaesthetic, treatment expenses, diagnosis and lack of control. For many people, their nervousness surrounding dental visits derives from a simple fear of the dentist themselves. The perception that the dentist is an authoritarian figure seems to derive from childhood visits and so many people feel nervous at the thought of another human being judging how well (or how badly) they have looked after their teeth.

Despite all of these different fears and reasons for avoiding the dentist, many people fail to realise that times have dramatically changed in the dental industry and most of these fears can be instantly put to rest. Here at Docklands Dental, we are continually advancing alongside the latest treatments and technologies in the industry to help ensure that our patients’ experience and time with us is as comfortable and painless as possible.

Banishing your Dental Fears – Once and for all!

You don’t have to go it alone – many dentists, including ourselves, specialise in the treatment of nervous patients. The Patient Journey rests close to our hearts and makes up the core spirit of Docklands Dental. It is important that all patients, nervous or confident, are made to feel at home from the moment that their foot first passes through the doors of the practice. Overcoming your fear of dental work is achievable, you just need to put your trust in the right hands.

Many people find it beneficial to talk about their fears. Making your concerns or negative thoughts regarding your visit known to us and our empathetic staff, ensures that we can give you the best treatment and do so in a relaxed and easy going environment. Private consultation is carried out in an area missing the dreaded dental chair – perfect for fearful patients.

docklands-dental-dublin-gallery-img-5Speaking of which, when the time comes for you to finally hop up on the dental chair, you will be met with specialised chair side manner. We strive to make you feel as comfortable and fearless as possible. To help keep your mind off the procedure at hand, you can sit back, relax and watch your favourite TV show or movie from a 42 inch smart TV on the ceiling. The only problem with this is the fact that you will be tempted to come back for regular check-ups just to indulge in the unique cinema experience.

People who are convinced that nothing will help to put a stop to their dental phobia, may wish to take advantage of IV Sedation. It is rare that a dental clinic has the right equipment to offer such treatment to patients, but because we strive to put our patient’s fears to rest, we ensure that this option is always open to our patients. We are not only well practiced in this area, we are one of the few practices in the whole of Ireland that have dentists who have completed an 18 months masters in Conscious (IV) Sedation – so you know you’re in qualified and reliable hands. This is a superb option for anxious patients who, if they prefer, also have access to General anaesthetic.

Instead of having to come back again and again for treatment, a patient can have multiple procedures carried out at once whilst under IV sedation. If you suffer from the fear of pain, this is the best option for you because many patients taking the IV sedation route often experience far less discomfort after the procedure is done.

Keep on Smiling!

6 Month BracesDefeating dental phobia can be accomplished with our help, allowing you to smile bright without any fears or concerns.

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