Would you like to be seen by a dental practice that puts it’s customers at the very top of it’s agenda? Where customer comfort and a pain-free experience are the main goals of the practice? You can visit a state-of-the-art facility and be confident that you are in the hands of an award-winning practice when you visit Docklands Dental.

Docklands Dental was set up to provide a practice that had the patient at the heart of it’s purpose and was to offer a modern, sophisticated dentistry in a relaxing and comfortable yet affordable manner. A relatively young practice, but successful no less, winning the 2014 Ireland’s Best New Clinic Award. There are now two clinics in central Dublin, both having been architecturally designed to enhance the customer’s experience and to ensure the most comfortable and pleasant of surroundings while you receive your treatment.

Docklands Dental offers something different in that it has a vision and that vision is to deliver the next generation of dentistry with technological advances, investment in specialist services and a genuine desire to put the ease of the customer above everything else. This is the ideal practice for anyone with a fear of going to the dentist. Dr Daniel Collins and Dr Gregg Barry have both spent many years working with and achieving fantastic results with nervous patients. The practice offers a private consultation room for those with a phobia and have also invested in training and equipment for dental sedation. This is a practice that really cares about how you feel.

The practice have invested in all the latest technology to provide the best and most effective solutions for your oral health. They offer CEREC digital technology for quick, effective treatment, digital x-rays and IV sedation. But what makes it different from other dentists is that you can enjoy watching Netflix on a ceiling mounted flat screen TV while you have your treatment! Now, not many dentists can boast about providing that level of service.

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Your examination here will be extremely thorough and you can rest assured that the team are giving you the best possible check up as the examination is split into five sections:

An oral cancer and health screening check is advised for patients every six to twelve months.

An evaluation of your dental health will be made using digital radiographs, intra-oral photos and impressions of teeth if required.

A clinical screening for gum disease to see if any gum damage is evident.

A close look at your bite to see if there are any issues involving grinding/clenching or damage to the jaw joints.

An aesthetic examination will take place, followed by a discussion about modern techniques and treatments for anyone who wants to improve their smile.

As you can see, Docklands Dental will make a thorough assessment and treatment plan for you, with your needs and requirements at the centre of all discussions and further step arrangements. So why not treat your mouth to a bit of TLC this year with a clinic that can guarantee a great patient experience and cutting edge treatment options.

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