When it comes to treating your teeth, your dentist can only treat what he or she can see, which is why magnification in dentistry is so important. There are limits to what the naked eye can see, so magnification systems are a crucial part of modern treatment, however not all dentists choose to use it. It is a clear indication that your dentist has committed to modern dentistry practices and should give you confidence that you are putting the care of your teeth and gums into professional and capable hands. Find out more about it and what the benefits are to you as a patient by having your dentist use it.

What is magnification in dentistry?

Your dentist may wear magnification loupes, which look like glasses or head pieces with extra lenses attached to them. This allows different levels of magnification to see the very minute details of your teeth and gums, and gives your dentist much more information to work with when it comes to assessing your teeth. Clinical microscopes are also quite frequently used, and are more popular for root canal treatments. Combined with a light source, this allows your dentist to see in great detail what’s happening in your mouth.

What are the benefits of your dentist using it?

Magnification in dentistry is no doubt very useful, with specific benefits including:

  • More successful treatment for you

Magnification allows your dentist to benefit from a better view of what’s happening inside your mouth, from differentiating between a cavity and a stain on your tooth, to being able to perform more precise microsurgeries. This allows them to collect more detailed information about your mouth health, which allows for a more comprehensive treatment plan. It also makes it easier to diagnose issues more precisely, and this allows for better treatment and repair.

  • Improved quality of treatment

Using magnification technology will help improve accuracy when performing surgeries or root canal treatments, and because your dentist can see much more in your mouth, they can handle delicate gum tissue more carefully. This also means less time for you to sit in the dentist’s chair resulting in a more satisfactory visit overall, and without having your dentist uncomfortably close to your face the whole time which can be quite off-putting.

  • Better for your dentist

Being a dentist can be physically very demanding, and quite often they will suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain. Using magnification means your dentist can get a closer view of your mouth without having to bend over and peer in, which improves posture and also makes for a more pleasant all-round experience for you. It also allows your dentist to be much more efficient and productive as they can see more clearly and perform the necessary treatments with more accuracy and less wasted time.

If you still have questions about magnification and how we might use this during your visit to see us for a check-up or procedure, please just ask. We are here to put your mind at rest and ensure you get the best possible care with modern techniques and equipment in place to make your treatment as painless as possible.

Published On: August 30th, 2017 / Categories: Cosmetic Orthodontics /

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