CEREC Dentistry

Is CEREC Dentistry for Me?

If you thought dental procedures such as crowns, bridges and inlays/overlays would take countless visits to the dentist, think again. Ceramic REConstruction (CEREC Dentistry) is a technique using CAD/CAM technology to create porcelain and ceramic restorations.

The system enables dentists to prepare, construct, produce and insert your final restoration in a single appointment. Not to blow our own trumpet, but Docklands Dental are one of the only Dublin Dentist clinics that offer this exceptional service.

The Blueprint of CEREC

CEREC uses computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing to create the perfect restoration for the patient. During chair-side treatment, the dentist will prepare your tooth as normal. However, instead of using “dental putty” (which many patients find to be uncomfortable), the dentist uses a 3D camera to convert images of your tooth into a 3D Digital Impression via the Acquisition Centre computer. No putty, no pressure and no unpleasant aftertaste – a simple photograph is all that is needed to create a perfect impression of your teeth.

3eOnce a virtual model of your tooth has been created by CEREC software and the dentist is happy with the finished design, it is sent to the CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit. Don’t worry, this isn’t located in some secret laboratory miles away from the clinic. Instead, all of the CEREC technology is found onsite.

The new fabrication of your tooth is then milled with a ceramic block to duplicate and produce the restoration according to the exact shape, design and complexity of the tooth. This procedure takes around 6 to 15 minutes to complete.

CEREC Dentistry Advantages

  • With just one visit to Docklands Dental, you can have ceramic restorations designed, produced and fitted without the need to book additional appointments.
  • Restoration options include porcelain crowns, bridges, implant retained crowns, onlays and inlays.
  • Ceramic is bio-compatible, displaying a more tooth-like appearance and aesthetic qualities.
  • CEREC Dentistry is ideal for nervous patients who firmly believe “the less appointments, the better!”
  • You will need only one local anesthetic (or none at all).
  • Digital Impressions are a lot more comfortable than traditional impressions.
  • No more unpleasant putty impressions in your mouth – phew!cerec
  • Advanced technology allows for a safer, comfortable and faster treatment for patients.
  • CEREC lifespan is significantly longer than that of gold and traditionally manufactured ceramic inlays.
  • Restorations will not cause any traditional crown worries such as discolouration.
  • CEREC technology accurately charts a patients mouth in fine detail to ensure the best results.
  • The design and production of the restoration is in the dentists control. This means you will receive a realistic restoration that is both durable, protective and highly aesthetic.
  • No temporary restorations needed.
  • Discreet restorations, the fact that you have a crown will go undetected.

cerec-dentistry-img-1For further information about CEREC Dentistry, feel free to get in touch with us today:

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