This Valentine’s Day forget the cheesy cards, the supermarket flowers and those cavity-inducing chocolates, and instead invest in your smile for finding love. There’s no doubt about it, people who have a gorgeous, genuine smile are more attractive, so if you’re looking for love or trying to romance your partner, show them the beautiful, confident you with a gleaming smile. Here’s our tips on how to get a gorgeous smile this Valentine’s Day.

Teeth whitening

If you want to dazzle your date this Valentine’s Day, make sure you do it with white teeth (as well as your sparkling personality and wit!) Teeth whitening is a safe procedure designed to enhance the natural beauty of your smile which smoking, or eating and drinking certain foods can detract from over time. At Docklands Dental, we make individual trays for each patient to administer a special whitening gel to remove these stains, without any long term effects on enamel, tooth strength or gum health. Contact us today if you’d like to talk to a member of our team about teeth whitening.

Teeth cleaning

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day should be a matter of habit, but if you want to go one step further we would recommend making an appointment with one of our dentists to have your teeth professionally cleaned. This removes any built up plaque which can accumulate over time, but the end result will leave your mouth feeling so much fresher and cleaner. It’s a painless procedure too, so why not book an appointment today?

6 Month Braces

Steer clear of certain food and drink

Before a date, you might want to avoid eating certain foods and drinks which are known to cause bad breath and create havoc for your teeth – not ideal if you’re trying to make a good first impression this Valentine’s Day. Steer clear of onions, garlic, sugary soft drinks and highly pigmented foods which can stain your teeth – like raspberries, blueberries and even red wine.

No smoking

Smoking as we all know has serious health implications, but it also causes a lot of grief for your gums as it limits the oxygen in the bloodstream, making it harder for infected gums to heal, which could eventually lead to tooth loss in extreme cases. Dating can be nerve-wracking, which might tempt you to have a smoke to calm your nerves, but your gorgeous smile could be the key to finding love this Valentine’s Day, so stub out that cigarette and flash those pearly whites instead.

Don’t forget your lipstick

This is one for the ladies – adding a bit of red lippy is great for making your white teeth stand out and concentrating attention on your smile, so pucker up and remember to check for any smudges before heading out the door to Mr Right this Valentine’s Day. If red lipstick isn’t your thing, don’t worry – a bit of lip balm to make your lips look healthy and moisturised will do just as well.

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