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Docklands Dental was established to bring the best quality general dentistry to our patients in Dublin. By focusing on the need for general dentistry and providing one of the widest range of services in Dublin, it has helped the clinic grow quickly and win Ireland’s Best New Clinic.

The general dentistry services are helped for nervous patients by the option of sedation and friendly dentists who are experts at dealing with stress. We are one of a few clinics in Dublin to provide a flat screen TV in the roof for patient’s entertainment during general dentistry.

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general-dentistry-img-1Every exam is commenced by asking our patient what their primary concern is, to make sure we focus on what is important to them as individuals. This will always form the foundation for any future treatment planning.

Our exam is divided into 5 sections to ensure that we cover everything, These include:

  1. Oral Cancer and Health Screening – for any disease in the mouth (This is advised for patients every 6-12 months)
  2. A Clinical Evaluation of your Dental Health – with the aid of digital radiographs, Intra-oral photographs and impressions of the teeth if necessary
  3. A Clinical Screening for untreated Gum Disease – to assess any damage to the gums
  4. An Examination of the Bite – to screen for evidence of grinding/clenching or chronic injury to the joints in the Jaw
  5. A Clinical Aesthetic Exam – to discuss modern techniques and treatments that are available to any patients who are not 100% happy with their smile

Our exam requires 30 minutes of clinical time to get to know the patient and ensure we can provide the best care. Patients are asked to attend 5 minutes before their appointment.

At the end of the exam, we discuss with the patients their health and if any treatments may benefit them. If they are happy, then a treatment plan is designed around their needs, concerns and budgets. All costs are provided to the patient in advance, to help with financial planning and in certain treatments, the costs may be staggered to help patients.

Following this, if any future appointments are needed, then these are scheduled for our patients in advance to help ensure that suitable times are available. As an extra service, patients will be offered the option of being reminded about their appointment by phone call, text, email or standard mail.

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