Further Information


Please note that we may be able to offer discounts on treatments when multiple procedures are offered at the same appointment.

Payment options

payment-optionsWe ask that payments are made for each appointment as they are completed. We accept cash, cheque, laser cards and credit cards.

A receipt is always issued at the end of each treatment session.

If you are covered under the PRSI scheme, then the Dental Examination is free of charge once per year.

Tax Relief

Certain dental procedures such as Crowns, Veneers, Orthodontic treatments and Root canals qualify for tax relief. This results in a saving of 20% on the cost of the treatment and is another incentive to look after your dental health.

At the end of treatment we will provide and help complete a Med 2 form for you and you can use this to claim your tax relief.


We ask for at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel your appointment, we understand this will happen from time to time. In the event of a failure to attend an appointment or a cancellation without 24hours notice, it is policy to add a missed appointment fee to the patients account. We wish to avoid this imposition and would kindly request that all patients work with us in the event that a previously agreed time becomes unsuitable.

Payment Plans

Orthodontics – Costs will be discussed and agreed with the treating clinician and outlined in detail to the patient in advance of proceeding.

Restorative Work – 50% of the balance is due at the preparation and impression appointment, the remaining balance is due at the fit appointment. We only ask for full payment when we have delivered a successful result.