Gum disease cases are on the rise, with estimates now suggesting that 8 out of 10 people over the age of 35 will suffer with some form of it. These figures are further cause for concern, as there is now evidence that suggests evidence of links between gum disease and other serious health conditions, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so naturally you should be concerned with preventing it, or if you suffer from it, treating it properly.

Are there easy ways to avoid gum disease? For some people the condition may be hereditary or due to some medications, so it might not be entirely avoidable, but for everyone concerned about maintaining their gum health, there are things you can do regularly to help manage this condition.

Good oral hygiene

Cleaning your teeth and gums properly is the first step to preventing gum disease from taking hold. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice daily, but preferably after each time you eat.

If this isn’t possible to do during the day, try to drink water with meals to rinse your mouth from bacteria which could build up on your teeth. You may also choose to use a mouthwash specially formulated to manage gingivitis, which is the less severe form of gum disease and often the first step towards this condition.

Perfect your flossing technique

Brushing and flossing should go hand in hand, and yet this is a step in the oral hygiene process many people leave out. Flossing helps to clean your teeth in the spaces you can’t see or reach with a toothbrush, and it is essential for removing the build-up of plaque from around your gum line. This handy video will help you perfect your flossing technique without damaging your gums.

Visit your dentist at least every 6 months

For general dental health and to spot problems early, it is recommended that everyone visit the dentist twice annually, however if you suffer from gum disease it may be recommended by your dentist that you visit more frequently. Your dentist will discuss your gum disease treatment plan with you in person, so that you can find the most effective way to manage this condition together.

Eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables

Making sure your diet is full of Vitamin C rich foods will help to keep your gum tissue healthy. If you can, try to increase the vegetable intake over the fruit and cut out sugary drinks from your diet too, as this is what the bacteria will thrive on in your mouth.

Cut out smoking

Smoking reduces the blood supply to the gums, so smokers may already notice gum health issues before the onset of any kind of gum disease. Cutting out smoking is great news for your gums, as well as your overall mouth health as smoking can also contribute to yellow stains on teeth.

When to see your dentist

Schedule a check-up with your dentist if your gums are red, swollen, bleeding or causing you pain. You may require a deep cleaning and perhaps even an antibiotic if an infection has set into your gums, but your dentist will be able to advise you after a thorough cleaning and mouth health check-up.

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