One of the first things people notice about you when you meet them is your smile, so naturally having a whiter smile can do wonders for your confidence. Often, our diet and lifestyle habits can play havoc with how we look, from our skin to our hair to our teeth, and not everyone has the time for lengthy teeth whitening treatments.

If you think your smile could be a little brighter, and a little whiter, then read on for these easy ways to get a whiter smile in no time.

Eating the right foods

Your diet can hugely impact on the colour of your teeth – if you’re eating foods than can stain your clothes, then they will most definitely stain your teeth. If you’re trying to get a whiter smile try to avoid things like tomatoes and blueberries, and instead stick to crunchy raw fruits and veggies like apples and carrots (as these can help control the plaque build up on your teeth) and eat more strawberries.

It’s also important to ensure you have regular sources of calcium included in your diet – so milk, cheese and yogurt are all crucial for maintaining a healthy, white smile.

Avoiding staining drinks

Fond of a glass or two of red wine? Can’t start your day without a cup of coffee? They may be causing your smile to be dull, as these drinks are prone to staining your enamel. Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after drinking these, and remember to include enamel-friendly drinks like water and milk to counter these other staining beverages.

Be careful of mouthwashes

Some mouthwashes claim to have whitening properties, and other medicinal versions which can be used to treat gum infections or bleeding gums can actually contribute more to staining, so it’s recommended that you avoid drinking tea or coffee within an hour or so of rinsing with them.

If in doubt about what your mouthwash could be doing to your teeth, talk to your dentist.

Get your teeth cleaned to remove plaque which stains

Plaque build up around your gum line can make your teeth look discoloured as the stains stick more readily to plaque than they do to enamel. Make sure you visit your dentist for regular cleanings to remove this build up, which will not only improve the look of your smile but improve your gum health too.

Professional teeth whitening services in Dublin

The easiest way to get a whiter smile is to have a professional do the hard work for you! Here at Docklands Dental, our teeth whitening services in Dublin are in high demand. We have searched the market for what we believe to be the best home whitening treatment which is easy to use, gives visible results and cuts down on sensitivity.

Find out more about our teeth whitening services, and just how easy it is to get a bright, whiter smile.

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