Digital Dentistry

What is CEREC
cerec-dentistryCEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction, and the CEREC system consists of a chair-side 3D Acquisition Centre and a CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit. We are one of the few practice in Dublin that offer this service

This system is used to produce high quality, aesthetic, durable precision porcelain or ceramic restorations.

An aesthetic porcelain or ceramic dental crown, bridge, inlay/onlay, etc. in just one visit!

CEREC means we can prepare your tooth, create and deliver you final restoration while you watch TV in our Dublin Practice. You will benefit from a beautiful, durable and well fitted CEREC all in the one appointment.

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The benefits of CEREC to you

Porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, veneers or implant retained crowns made and fitted in just one visit Docklands Dental Dublin.

  • Great for nervous patients.
  • You get your beautiful new crown in one day, instead of weeks!
  • One local anaesthetic and you may not even need local anaesthetic at all!
  • No need for unpleasant impressions in your mouth.
  • No unpredictable temporary crowns needed, and no worries about them falling off or discolouring between appointments.
  • Reduced time off work, and no need for a second appointment weeks later to fit the crowns.
  • The dentist has complete control over the design and production resulting in highly aesthetic, durable, protective and realistic tooth coloured porcelain restorations.
  • The use of this advanced technology means faster, more comfortable, safer treatment for you.
  • No one need ever know you have a crown.

How does CEREC work?

cerec-dentistry-img-2There are 2 parts to the CEREC process, a chair side 3-D scanning unit and computer design unit and a special machine to print the new restoration.

The dentist scans your teeth and mouth with the 3D camera and, using 3D ‘video-stitching technology, the Acquisition Centre computer then turns these images into a 3D ‘Digital Impression’.

Then the dentist uses the design application of the software to create the most suitable type of restoration for your tooth.

The final design is sent to the CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit. In the milling unit a ceramic block that is selected specifically for your tooth to give the best aesthetics and durability. This is then milled by specialised diamond burrs to exactly to the shape and design of your tooth.

Where it is desirable, the dentist can even match your own natural dental characteristics by scanning your mouth prior to preparing your teeth.