People may be aware at this point about a hungarian dental clinic – Dental Magic – in our local area closing suddenly and leaving some patients in a difficult position. It has recently emerged that Mr. Koppany Kiss had already been struck off  the dental registry in the UK and Hungary.




He has supposedly now left Ireland leaving several of his patients with incomplete dental work and large bills. We are saddened by the actions allegedly taken by Mr Kiss of Dental Magic, as they damage the dental profession in the eyes of the public and undermine the efforts of other clinics endeavouring to provide high quality care and service to their patients.

As statement by the Irish Dental Council explained that “a weakness in current legalisation was likely to blame.” for how Mr. Kiss and Dental Magic managed to stay under the radar for as long as it did.

“The issue is that the Dental Council can only uphold complaints against registered dentists – we do not monitor dental clinics as under the 1985 Dentists Act, anyone can setup a surgery without registering,” said David O’Flynn.“As Mr Kiss was never registered, or ever tried to register, with the Dental Council, his activities have gone unnoticed until now.”

We also echo the words of Dr. Fintan Horan who said that “In the last number of months, the Association has been alarmed to learn of claims that patients are being seen here in Ireland by a dentist whom it is alleged has been struck off in another jurisdiction and whom also, it is alleged, is not registered to practice here at all.

“We have also received claims that patients are seen in clinics here in Ireland by dentists commuting from abroad every couple of weeks to see patients.

“And we are all aware of instances where patients commence treatment in this country and have that treatment completed outside the jurisdiction beyond the reach of the Dental Council. We are concerned about the redress to patients.”

As the legislation governing dentists dates back to 1985, it is understandable how this incident was allowed happen and it does not go far enough in protecting the public. Considering this recent revelation we hope to see this legislation changed soon.

We have no doubt this will be stressful time for some of Dental Magic’s patients involved in treatment, if the team here at Docklands Dental can help in any way then we will do our best to assist any patients.



To find out more about Dental Magic check out this article from the Irish Independent.

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