Dental Implants Dublin

dental-implants-img-1Dental Implants Dublin – A dental implant is the gold standard in replacing a missing tooth. It is the closest thing to the original tooth in sensation and function. It has an artificial root that is placed into the bone and a crown is placed on top of this to restore the tooth to its original form, function and aesthetics. They have excellent success rates, longevity and aesthetics. They are versatile and can be used in various other treatments, including replacing multiple missing teeth, retaining dentures and to aid with orthodontics.

cosmetic-dentistry-img-23i designs the Titanium Implants we use at Docklands Dental. The implants are placed into the bone with a small surgical procedure. This is usually easier than having tooth removed and if you are a nervous patient, it may be done under sedation to minimize stress. The implant is allowed heal and fuse with the bone for a period of time (8-12 weeks) to produce a stable anchor for a crown (artificial tooth) to be placed and the implant restored.

When do we use implants?

  • A single missing tooth at the front or back (implant crown)
  • Many or all missing teeth (implant bridge). It may not be necessary to place one implant for every missing tooth, e.g. 3 porcelain teeth can be attached to two implants
  • Under complete dentures. There is an enormous improvement in the fit, comfort and chewing ability of dentures that are attached to implants

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Advantages of dental implants

  • Excellent appearance
  • High success rate (95% of implants still function well after 20 years)
  • Conservative treatment – no damage to adjacent teeth
  • Feel like your own teeth
  • Never decay
  • Restore proper chewing and full strength of your bite

Are there any disadvantages?

  • Higher cost than alternative treatments to replace missing teeth
  • Requires one or more small surgical procedures
  • Longer treatment time
  • Sometimes can be difficult to control the shape of the gum around the implant, particularly when replacing a single front tooth