Dental emergency dublin

What do you do if you can’t get to a dentist?


Dental Emergency Dublin – Having a dental emergency can be a worrying event especially if you are unable to see your dentist immediately. Thankfully we are located conveniently in the IFSC, Dublin 1 close to the Docklands. Here are a few tips in the event of a dental emergency which will help until you can visit you can come see us!

Dental Emergency Dublin

Broken Tooth

In the event of a broken tooth or teeth, it is important to keep the area clean. It is wise to gently clean the area and remove any debris. The use of a mouthwash such as Corsodyl can also help to keep the area clean and free from bacteria. There are some temporary filling material products available at large chemists such as Boots which can also be helpful. If the teeth are very sensitive, rubbing in sensitive tooth paste such as Colgate Pro Relief or Sensodyne Rapid Response is recommended.

Dental Emergency Dublin

Extreme swollen gums

Swollen gums are a sign of infection. It is very important to keep the mouth as clean as possible with gentle tooth brushing and using mouthwashes such as Corsodyl or warm salt water. Anti biotics are usually required in the case of an infection which can only be prescribed by your dentist.

Dental Emergency Dublin

Sore tooth?

Tooth pain such as throbbing, tenderness on biting, a dull ache and  sensitivity are common descriptions for tooth ache. There may be different reasons for the pain. If medically allowed, the use of anti inflammatory  medication such as ibuprofen can help or paracetamol if you are unable to use ibuprofen. These medications should only be used in the short term.

Dental Emergency Dublin

Wisdom tooth pain

Pain from wisdom teeth is usually due to inflammation or infection  of the surrounding gum. This is called ‘pericoronitis’. It is very important to keep the area as clean as possible using gentle tooth brushing and mouthwashes such ac Corsodyl, Colgate Peroxyl or simply warm salt water. Due to the difficult access of wisdom teeth, a small headed tooth brush will be required.

Dental Emergency Dublin

Broken or lost Filling

If a dental filling falls out such as an amalgam (metal) filling or a white (composite) filling, clean the area gently. The use of a temporary filling material can help. Avoid biting any thing too hard or crunchy on the area and avoid the extremes of hot and cold as the are may be sensitive.

The main advice is to see your dentist as soon as possible. We have a policy of seeing emergency patients on the day;  call us in the event of a dental emergency. We are here to help, our dental practice contact details in Dublin 1/ Docklands are 016360192/ The Dublin Dental hospital can be contacted outside business hours on 016127200.

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