Cosmetic Dentistry Fees

Restorative Work. (Eligible for 20% reduction with Med II Tax Form). To help you decide on the best restorative options for your tooth, our dentists will sit down with you and explain the various advantages to the different options available. As we have sourced the highest quality dental materials in Irish laboratories, we have the confidence to stand over the materials used. Please note that this excludes damage due to dental disease, improper maintenance or use.

Digital Smile Design

  • Digital Smile Design – €350


  • Porcelain/Non-precious Metal – 895
  • Porcelain/Precious Metal – 895* (may vary with price of materials)
  • Cosmetic – All Ceramic Crown – E-max/Empress/Procera – 895*(may vary with patient requirements)
  • Temporary Crown – 350


  • Veneer – Single Unit – 895
  • Composite/Hand Crafted Veneer – 375


  • Conventional Bridge – 795 per unit
  • Maryland Bridge – 1200
  • Aesthetic Temporary Bridge – 350


These will need a clinical assessment to determine suitability. In some cases there may be a need for pre implant work to be carried out to ensure a higher level of success and satisfaction.

In the case of multiple implants a significant saving will be offered and in the case where we restore the implants with bridge work or dentures, then a treatment plan will designed around the patients unique case.

  • Single implant placement – €1300
  • 2nd stage surgery- €100
  • Implant Crown – €1200
  • Bone Grafting – On assessment

Teeth Whitening

  • Home Kit and Models – €350