Many people have or have had braces fitted in the past. They are in extremely high demand in both the UK and Ireland, with thousands of people sporting clear braces in Dublin and all over the country. The purpose of braces and orthodontic treatment is to straighten your teeth, improve your smile and address your bite if need be. This will allow patients to eat more comfortably in the future.

One of the main reasons why adults choose to have braces is because their smile makes them feel somewhat self-conscious. This may be due to crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, or perhaps there is an unwanted gap between teeth that you wish to have corrected. Braces can achieve your desired look and they can even correct the bite of the teeth if necessary.

Why Choose Clear Braces?

Traditional braces, although effective, are not the most attractive invention ever created. Often nicknamed “train tracks” – it’s no wonder people shy away from them! However, clear braces for adults and children is one of the most fastest growing areas in the orthodontic industry, especially in Dublin.

The popularity of clear braces has skyrocketed because they work much faster than traditional braces and do so whilst remaining completely discreet. Nobody will be able to tell if you have clear braces or not. They are a cosmetic way of enhancing your smile without the long wait commonly associated with “train-track” braces. In addition to this, they are actually quite affordable and you can even spread the cost of your clear braces throughout the course of the treatment. This means that anyone can afford to have their perfect smile, without letting finances get in their way.

Six Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles Dublin

Before and After – 6 Month Smiles

Can you imagine having a straight and perfect smile in just six months? It seems impossible doesn’t it? However, six month smiles from Docklands Dental Dublin, will give you the opportunity to fall back in love with your smile. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary step forward in orthodontic procedures. The process involves utilising clear braces to straighten and align teeth gently in just six months.

Advantages of Six Month Smiles Include:

  • Discreet – these clear braces are transparent and designed to go unnoticed.
  • Less Discomfort – Unlike regular braces, Six Month Smiles use a gentle pressure to align and straighten the teeth.
  • Affordable – The cost effective solution for adults who require braces. In addition to this, they are more effective and less damaging to the tooth structure than crowns and veneers etc.
  • Fast Treatment – One of the biggest advantages of Six Month Smiles is the short time period that it takes to finish the treatment. In a few short months, you can have the smile you have always wanted.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss Six Month Smiles in more detail, get in touch with Docklands Dental today. We are an award winning Dublin dentist specialising in cosmetic dental treatment and procedures.

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