The experience of orthodontics is something that stays with most of us whether we endured months of removable mouth altering devices or years in silver train tracks. The difference as an adult opting for braces is that not only do we pay for it, but we choose the experience. Some of us are return offenders, like myself. (My diligence in wearing retainers wavered after 12 months out of braces). Others are first timers who are opting for an improved smile line or to finally tackle that one snaggle tooth they’ve hated for years. Whether you are opting to return to the all familiar bracket and wire system or newer clear removable devices, the desired result is the same. The ability to smile without apprehension, present for photos from any angle and generally develop a confidence in ones own smile so Snapchat and Facebook can show you at your best!


As far as my story goes, I wore tooth colored braces at 20 when I first started working in dentistry. Back then I thought I was opting for the most inconspicuous form of adult braces available to me and skipping the embarrassment of silver train tracks messing with my all promising youth. Little did I know that when you wanted invisible braces back then they came big and they came bulky. I don’t mean bulky like of course they’re bulky their braces. I mean brackets nearly twice the size of the conventional silver type that filled up my whole crocked mouth forcing me to take a new approach to words and walk around looking like a chipmunk for twelve achingly long months. The result, straight teeth!


Since then, through a series of forgotten or broken un-replaced retainers, I have lost the smile I was once so happy with. As an adult working in dentistry in a world of desired Hollywood smiles, I felt the time had come to do something to re-invent some lost confidence and get ‘back in the tracks’ so to speak. Adult braces, I thought, how did I end up here all over again! With fears of facing years as a chipmunk and needing to avoid all photos, I began the process of impressions and bracket placement. Gone are the days of three hour fit appointments lying with your mouth propped open as the dentists deliberates the positioning of a single bracket on each tooth. I sat down, lay down and stood up 45 minutes later with tiny clear brackets and tooth-toned wire already on and at work at pulling me back into line.


At this point I could sell you the line “its quick and painless” and I would be lying. There is no point telling you it doesn’t hurt or that I didn’t second guess my decisions minutes after sitting up in the dental chair, but it has been quick to see change. Much quicker than before and much less conspicuous! I’m only a few weeks in, but no one has noticed my new styled smile. Unless of course, I go out of my way to present a very toothy smile and pointed a finger at myself to explain my new accessory. Which I do, of course!

                                                        I’ll be sure to keep you updated!


                                                                                                  Practice Manager


Published On: July 30th, 2015 / Categories: Cosmetic Orthodontics /

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