Celebrity Teeth Makeover

Even our own Niall Horan has been spotted this year wearing cosmetic orthodontics!  The list below shows how celebrities have enhanced their smiles. It’s important (and reassuring) though, that even the most beautiful people in the world, weren’t born perfect! Through advances in technology, modern dental techniques and better materials, they have improved the appearance of their teeth.

For anyone unhappy with their smile to know that there a multiples of options available to suit most budgets and these can make a big difference to how you feel about your smile. We are happy to sit down and discuss these at any time with our patients, just realize that we can’t make you look like Catherine Zeta Jones! (but we can definitely improve your smile)


Catherine Zeta Jones

Celebrity Teeth Makeover

Catherine Zeta Jones – Before and Aft  had a long look at this – and wow…

She has changed the shape of her entire face with this work. There may have been a period of orthodontics before veneers were used to improve the colour, shape and size of her teeth.





David Beckham 

Celebrity Teeth Makeover

David Beckham – Before and After 

David has not had a large amount of restorative work done, he has whitened the teeth to improve their colour.





Tom Cruise

Celebrity Teeth Makeover

Tom Cruise – Before and After

Tom cruise – is one of the most famous celebrities to benefit from dental work. He has had multiple rounds of orthodontics and is actually missing a central incisor. He has used traditional and cosmetic orthodontics, along with crowns and veneers. You can see that despite being one of the biggest movie stars in the world, the alignment of his teeth is still off. It shows that not everything is possible but it can still make big difference.


George Clooney 

Celebrity Teeth Makeover

George Clooney – Before and After



In the early days you can see that George Clooney’s teeth are quite yellow and worn down making him look much older. He has had veneers and crowns in the upper and lower teeth to whiten them and restore the length of the teeth.


Zac Effron

Celebrity Teeth Makeover

Zac Effron – Before and After


Would he still be the teen heartthrob with this gap in his teeth? Zac has closed the gap between his teeth with either veneers or orthodontics and whitening. From the width of his front teeth, I think he has used orthodontics which can do this work in a few short months and whitening to improve the colour. These can inlcude systems like invisalign or 6 Month Smiles.



Cheryl Cole

Celebrity Teeth Makeover

Cheryl Cole – Before and After


Cheryl has had orthodontics to improve the alignment of her front teeth and whitening to brighten them. There may have been gum surgery to improve the length of the teeth and crowns/veneers once this was completed. It’s a great result.



From the most extensive work for people like Tom Cruise, to simple cases like Zac Effron, it’s good to look at the options and see what will work best for you. Just remember that all dentistry is optional and it’s just as important that we keep you healthy!


Have a great week.


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