How to prepare for teeth whitening

The effectiveness of teeth whitening treatments can be greatly enhanced by preparing the teeth prior to treatment. This includes seeking professional dental assistance in cleaning the teeth to remove any debris that may reduce contact with the bleaching gel. Changes to the patient’s diet and oral care routine can also boost effectiveness. Prepare the teeth […]

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CEREC – Dental Restoration Treatment

What is CEREC? CEREC stands for Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics (or CEramic REConstruction). CEREC technology combines computer aided design with specialised manufacturing equipment, allowing for a dental prosthesis (e.g. onlay, inlay, full crown, partial crown, veneer) to be designed, milled, and fitted in a single visit to the dentist. The complete process requires […]

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A Complete Guide to Invisalign

What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a clear braces teeth alignment system developed by California based medical device manufacturer Align Technology in 1997. Invisalign may be used to treat mild malocclusion of the teeth (e.g. cross-bite, crowding, spacing issues, etc.) and may be used to some effect in more severe misalignment cases. The system – which […]

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A Complete Guide to Clear Braces

What are clear braces? Clear braces – also known as invisible braces – provide dental patients with a range of discrete treatment options that can help to align both the upper and lower teeth. This realignment of the teeth could include the use of clear braces to improve upon moderate crowding (moving the teeth apart

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Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a method of creating a virtual representation of the results that may be achieved from different types of reconstructive dental work. The procedure utilises intraoral scanning technologies as well as video and photographic analysis to create an accurate virtualisation, allowing the patient to explore a range of treatment options.

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Broken Tooth - A Common Dental Emergency

Understanding the 5 stages of tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of tooth pain. It is easy to manage and much easier and cheaper to treat in its early stages. Some forms of tooth decay can be prevented and treated by visiting your dental professional for regular checkups and maintaining healthy oral care. Understanding how a cavity progresses can assist you in preventing […]

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Fillings, Crowns and Implants – How to decide which is right for you?

It’s completely normal to be confused about the various dental treatment options available but at Docklands Dental the patient is the primary concern so we focus on what’s important to you as individuals. If there’s a problem with your teeth, we may suggest a crown, filling, or implant depending on which one works best. If […]

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