Raising children comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the most frustrating of which often includes their reluctance to go to the dentist. This anxiety and fear of dental appointments is not only experienced by children, but by many adults. Dental phobia and anxiety is quite common and can be overcome if you use the right tactics. Your child’s oral hygiene is important for healthy gums and teeth, so it is crucial that they attend the dentist regularly to ensure they grow up with a beautiful and healthy smile.

We here at Docklands Dental know how to accommodate children of all ages and we strive to be as welcoming, gentle and entertaining as possible. Believe it or not, we are the only Dublin dentist who has gone to extreme lengths to make sure our clinic is as enjoyable as possible for children and adults of all ages!

1. Be a Good Example!

Children tend to watch their parents very closely and they often copy what they see. This can be a problem if you are actually quite nervous about visiting the dentist yourself. Once your child has witnessed your behaviour and reluctance about seeing the dentist, they will assume there is something to fear from a dental appointment and are more likely to throw a tantrum when you try and take them. However, if you show them that there is nothing to fear in going to the dentist, your child will feel more confident about the visit.

2. Encourage Good Oral Hygiene at Home

stockvault-dental-brush-and-paste119118If you try and make the process of brushing and flossing teeth at home more enjoyable for your kids, there’s a good chance they will feel less anxious by the time they are sitting up on the dentist chair. You can do this by purchasing a colourful and fun toothbrush and pair it with an appropriate toothpaste. Kids love flavoured toothpaste, such as watermelon or mint. You could also get them a toothbrush related to their favourite cartoon character such as My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Pokémon or SpongeBob Squarepants, for example.

3. Choose a Friendly Dentist

As a profession, dentists haven’t achieved the friendliest reputation on the planet. This is probably due to rumoured “dental horror stories” and pre-conceived notions surrounding dentist visits. It’s time to put these needless fears and anxieties to rest. Instead of taking your child to the nearest (and cheapest) run down clinic in the city, bring them to a clean and friendly dental clinic instead. The staff here at Docklands Dental are always happy to help and strive to make sure that each patient feels as comfortable as possible.

4. Make Dentist Appointments Fun

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, it can actually be pretty entertaining. tech3Docklands Dental have installed HD flat screen TV’s on the ceiling, so that when you or your child is lying back on the dentist chair, they can watch their favourite Netflix TV show or animated movie. This is just one of the things that will help make your child look forward to their next Dublin dentist appointment. But beware, they might insist on staying longer to watch the end of the show!

5. Provide an Award they can’t say no to!

Kids love receiving rewards for good behaviour. So, if your child is refusing to go to the dentist, sometimes a little harmless blackmail is in order. For example, as an award for going to the dentist (without throwing a loud tantrum in the middle of the waiting room), you can offer to bring them for ice-cream afterwards, or to the playground etc. Choose something that you know your kids won’t be able to say no to. This will also help them to associate the Dublin dentist with something good and pleasant, making it much easier to encourage them to go next time.

avoid tooth decay in childrenOur child-friendly approach is ideal for nervous kids who are reluctant to have their teeth checked. If you would like to book your child’s dentist appointment with Docklands Dental, you can do so by giving our Dublin Dentist a quick phone call today:

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