Our team at Docklands Dental are often asked similar questions by patients who are nervous or curious about their teeth. Here are 10 things you’ll probably hear at the dentist at some point in your life, and why they are important.


  • Flossing is key


We say this all the time, but if there’s one thing you can do to look after your gums it’s flossing regularly. If you suffer from red or inflamed gums, or you spit blood when you brush your teeth, you could have gum disease which can result in tooth loss. Start flossing today – no more excuses!


  • Eat more vegetables


Having lots of fresh vegetables in your diet fills your body with nutrients, like Vitamin C, which is essential for keeping your gums healthy. Try to watch your fruit intake though, as the acid in fruit juices can attack the enamel on your teeth.


  • Cut down on the sodas


Even diet sodas are bad for your teeth – they might not be as full of sugar but they contain acids which can attack your teeth and result in erosion. It’s safer to stick with tooth-friendly water!


  • Try and quit smoking


If you’re a smoker and you suffer with gum problems now, these will only get worse as you get older if you continue to smoke. Smoking also discolours your teeth, detracting from what would otherwise be a beautiful smile.


  • Your gums can become more sensitive when you are pregnant


Many women report that when they are pregnant their gums are more swollen and bleed more frequently when they brush their teeth. This is quite common, and results from the changes in your hormones which causes your gums to be more sensitive to the bacteria in plaque.


  • Try to relax…


Some people just don’t like visiting the dentist, but whatever those reasons might be, we can help. We can offer special dentistry techniques for patients who are nervous or anxious, and if you really struggle, we can provide sedation dentistry services so that you are completely relaxed throughout your procedure.


  • If we tell you that someone needs to accompany you, they do


If you’re having a procedure which requires the use of a general anaesthetic or perhaps you’ve decided to try our sedation dentistry you will need a friend or family member to accompany you home, and check up on you throughout the day. You will not be able to safely drive yourself home.


  • Dental x-rays are not dangerous


The radiation associated with dental x-rays is extremely small, and we’ll only take them with your permission. Digital dental x-rays are important to understand your teeth and diagnose conditions properly, so in some cases it might be necessary to take an x-ray to provide the correct treatment.


  • Braces aren’t just for kids


More and more adults are embracing clear braces as a simple and discreet way of achieving the smile they’ve always wanted. Find out more about this service here.


  • Your wisdom teeth don’t have to come out


Yes, they might be annoying, but your wisdom teeth don’t necessarily always have to be extracted. If they fit comfortably in your mouth, or if they don’t cause constant pain and discomfort then you can leave them be and just continue to brush them thoroughly like you would do with your other teeth to keep them clean.

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