Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal / Painless Endodontic Treatment

general-dentistry-img-5Root Canal Treatment or Endondontic Treatment involves the treatment of disease or injury to the dental pulp or ‘nerve in the tooth’. This nerve is located in the centre of the tooth in a small narrow ‘canal space’ which extends down the roots. If the nerve is injured or infected, then it can die and this often leads to sensitivity, severe toothache or a dental abscess. It can also lead to the tooth discolouring.

Endodontic treatment saves teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. It is a painless procedure and involves cleaning out the damaged or dead nerve tissue and pus in the canals of teeth that have become infected. As it is cleaned, the canals are disinfected, and the root canal is prepared so that it can be sealed with a special root filling. The tooth can then be restored and can remain in function for many years provided there is sufficient sound tooth structure to support a new filling or crown.

Every tooth has different shaped roots and this will influence how easy of difficult a treatment will be for the dentist. Teeth also have varying numbers of roots, so this means there is substantially more work involved in treating a back tooth with 3 or 4 roots, than a front tooth with a single root. Endodontic treatments have a great success rate, however some may require further treatment if there is unusual anatomy or bacteria have not been fully eradicated.

general-dentistry-img-6Finally, if endodontic treatment or re-treatment cannot be successfully carried out on a particular tooth, or if the tooth is too compromised to be successfully or predictably restored, then it may be better to remove the tooth and restore it with a dental implant or other option that will have a better long term outcome.

At Docklands Dental, we have invested in the most modern technology including Rotary instruments (to reduce the amount of time a patient has to spend in the chair), Digital x-rays and special anesthetics to make sure every Endodontic Treatment is comfortable and efficient with increased success rates and treatment outcomes.



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